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    "Notes from Home"

Lunch Feb. 1-10

Lunch Feb. 1-10

Lunch Feb. 13-28

Lunch Feb. 13-28

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4th Annual Spelling Bee

The Scrippts National Speeling Bee is back at Hopedale Memorial School

SCHOOL WIDE SPELLING BEE - The top winner from each grade will advance to the School Wide Spelling Bee to be held on March 2 in the evening. The winner will be the School Champion. Please note that, per the Scripps National Spelling Bee Rules, the contestants in the School Wide Spelling Bee must know all the words from each of the grade level lists (not just their own grade-specific list).

IMPORTANT UPDATE - Unfortunately we are without a local sponsor again this year so there will be no Regional Bee for our School Champion to attend.   If the School Champion's family would like to sponsor their child or if someone knows of a local company who would consider sponsoring the School Champion at National Finals, the fee would be $3,250.  Please contact us as soon as possible.

For official Scripts Spelling Bee Rules, click here.
Visit www.SpellingBee.com for further information.

Contact Jamie Deppe at jdeppe32@hotmail.com with any questions regarding the Spelling Bee Program

Science Fair

Memorial Elementary P.A.C.E. is proud to present that we will be having our annual Science Fair on Friday, April 7, 2017 at Hopedale Memorial Gym!  Experts in the field will be judging and awarding medals for the winners.  We hope that, with your enthusiastic encouragement, your child/children will participate in the fair by preparing a project. Click here for more information. 

We need photographs for the Yearbook!

We are looking for volunteers to take photographs for the Memorial School yearbook.

If you took photographs of your child and their friends and would like to share them please email them to me at mpt_schedule@yahoo.com

We are looking for candid group photographs from classroom events , 100th Day of school, Lion King Kids play and PACE sponsored events ( Halloween Dance, Kids Go Shopping, Spelling Bee , Bingo, Book Fair, Talent Show, Family Fun & Fitness Night & Science Fair )  

6th Grade Graduation planning has begun! 

Fun end of year events will be planned along with some special photo layouts for their last yearbook ($17) given on the last day of school.  Here's a few details about what to look forward to.

  • We will ask each child to write their “Favorite Memories at Memorial” for the yearbook.
  • We have an artwork cover contest where the winner gets a free yearbook. More details will be sent in late March.
  • We are looking for candid photographs from Nature's Classroom, Lion King Play, Concerts, Science Fair , D.I.  a “throw back” page with old photographs from classroom events andKindergarten Greatest Hits.
  • We also need your child's baby picture.  
  • The 6th grade class has an end of year party typically on the last day of school. This year the event will be held at the Glen Ellen Country Club in Millis.  We are looking for parent volunteers for this event.

 More details will be sent home in the next month or so. 

Please email photographs to mpt_schedule@yahoo.com  Please remove any date stamps.

Upcoming Important Dates

March 3
Bingo for Books

March 2
School Wide Bee

March 13-16
Spring Book Fair

March 15
Talent Show
Try Outs

March 23

Family Fitness Night

March 28
Talent Show Rehersal

March 29
Talent Show

April 7
Science Fair

2016-17 Calendar of PACE Events